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NetXMS 3.1 released
« on: December 02, 2019, 07:21:26 pm »
Hi all!

New stable version of NetXMS - 3.1 - is officially released. Changes since previous release:

- Added custom attributes inheritance
- Can enable usage of ICMP ping on primary IP address during status poll
- Macro expansion in DCI polling interval and retention time values
- New attribute "isInMaintenanceMode" in NXSL class "NetObj"
- New attributes "dci" and "dciId" in NXSL class "Event"
- New method "forcePoll" in NXSL class "DCI"
- New NXSL functions "ExpandString" and "LoadEvent"
- New methods "correlateTo" and "expandString" in NXSL class "Event"
- New method "expandString" in NXSL class "NetObj"
- New hook "Hook::EventProcessor" that is called for each event before passing it to EPP
- Added global array $ARGS in NXSL scripts for simplified access to script arguments
- Added NXSL constants NXSL::VERSION and NXSL::BUILD_TAG
- Interface object names can be expanded from actual interface names using macros
- Notification channel driver for Telegram
- Notification channel driver for Microsoft Teams
- File delivery policies for agents
- Improved automatic IP topology maps
- Added physical links inventory for node interfaces and patch panels
- Fixed issues:
        NX-1674 (Initiate DCI forced poll from NXSL)
        NX-1675 (Context menu for containers and "Service Root" shows "Create sensor" twice)
        NX-1681 (In NetXMS console refresh from view pull-down menu is not working on Data Collection Configuration)
        NX-1686 (User Agent system tray menu covered by Windows system tray expanded hidden icon menu)
        NX-1687 (User agent system tray menu closes when you click out of it)
        NX-1691 (Network map link bend points seem a bit broken in 3.0)
        NX-1694 (Russian language problem in Windows log)
        NX-1706 (Compose interface name from the actual name and a suffix)
        NX-1708 (Event tags in log file monitoring are not represented in UI)
        NX-1710 (Add serealized to json event to event log)
        NX-1712 (Add support for reading WMI query result as list or table)
        NX-1713 (Object tool for container should be shown if it can be executed on at least one node)
        NX-1717 (Alarm pop-ups apear only on console start, afterwards are not shown)
        NX-1719 (File monitoring with rescan is not matching text past 4KB of the monitored file)

Best regards,