Author Topic: NetXMS 3.3 patch release 3.3.350  (Read 699 times)

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NetXMS 3.3 patch release 3.3.350
« on: June 05, 2020, 03:03:06 pm »
Hi all!

We just published patch release 3.3.350 for version 3.3. It contains multiple minor fixes accumulated over last few weeks and partially already published for specific components. Full change log since initial 3.3 release:

- Replace backslash and comma as part of host and DCI names normalizing in InfluxDB driver
- Fixed bug in socket error reporting for agent tunnels
- Fixed VMGR subagent crash
- Fixed bug in agent policy deployment in 2.x compatibility mode
- Fixed bug in database export
- Fixed bugs in SIP registration testing in Asterisk subagent
- Fixed memory leak in Asterisk subagent
- Fixed bug in template import on server startup
- Fixed server crash on agent certificate renewal
- Fixed server crash when proxied SNMP device responds with "UDP port unreachable"
- Added driver for Moxa industrial routers
- Fixed issues:
        NX-1575 (Ability to duplicate event configuration)
        NX-1780 (Unable to add file to file delivery policy in management console on MacOS)
        NX-1839 (Show alarm key in Alarm Details)
        NX-1844 ('Get list of agent sessions' error in nxmc and webui)
        NX-1845 (Context menu for Service Root shows Create sensor twice)
        NX-1855 (NETXMS_FILE_STORE environment variable not using FileStore agent setting)
        NX-1868 (Zone SNMP Configuration SNMP v3 "Modify" button spelt incorrectly)
        NX-1869 (Environment variables in file delivery policy expanded on save)

Best regards,


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Re: NetXMS 3.3 patch release 3.3.350
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2020, 03:30:37 pm »
Thanks  :D