Author Topic: NetXMS 3.4 patch release 1 (version 3.4.232)  (Read 476 times)

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NetXMS 3.4 patch release 1 (version 3.4.232)
« on: July 06, 2020, 08:17:29 pm »
Hi all!

NetXMS version 3.4 patch release 1 (version 3.4.232) is published. Changes since initial 3.4 release:

- Improved logic for node capability expiration
- "Reset identity" command line option in agent
- EtherNet/IP has priority over SNMP when reading hardware information
- Implemented Web API calls for DCI creation and modification
- Implemented Web API calls for reading last value of specific DCI
- NXSL function CreateDCI accepts numeric codes for data type and data origin
- Improved node matching for agent tunnel automatic binding
- Fixed bug that prevents PushDCIData NXSL function to work on chassis object
- Fixed bug in template import
- Fixed issues:
        NX-1422 (SMTP HELO should be configurable)
        NX-1886 (DCI Table using Script Origin ignores Column definition)
        NX-1888 (Delete completed non-recurring scheduled tasks after configurable retention period)
        NX-1890 (Object Name field in Create Node Object requires cleaning)
        NX-1892 (Wrong format string on a map makes the map uneditable)

Best regards,