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Author Topic: How does Merge Duplicate Nodes work?  (Read 104 times)


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How does Merge Duplicate Nodes work?
« on: July 10, 2019, 10:58:56 pm »


I'm wondering how the merge duplicate nodes is intended to work?  I have an Isilon (SNMP discovered), whose discovery appears as a large range of IP addresses. There are more IPs than nodes.  This is part of the architecture to distribute the load and rebalance for node maintenance/failure.   But each IP appears as it's own node.  For simplicity I have explained a scaled down example below.

4 physical nodes (where node is a server) in a cluster.  The cluster manages 20 IPs that are distributed across the nodes.  Each node may have 5 IPs for clients to connect too.  The Isilon distributes clients across the IP's via integrated DNS server and DNS delegation for the service name.  Should a node fail, the IPs are re-distributed across the remaining nodes.

NetXMS will discover all 20 IPs and create nodes for each IP.  But I don't have 20 nodes, in my example, I have 4.  I have set NetworkDiscovery.MergeDuplicateNodes to 1, but still the nodes are duplicated for every IP in the cluster.  "Sys Description" is unique for each node, so during discovery I end up with many IPs with the same "Sys Description" as a unique object in NetXMS.  See the image below of Object Details -> Nodes list view.  My Image shows an 8 node cluster.  Notice that in the Sys Description column, the names are identical for each unique node.  I have some obfuscation in the IPs and node "Sys Description" columns, but the point is that I have a unique ID for each IP, instead of for each node.

Image: See attachment.

I'm not sure how the Merge Duplicates works, but I would like there to be only one node with many IPs.  I like that the subnets view under "Entire Network" shows each IP, but for this type of cluster each IP should point to the appropriate unique nodes object ID.  In other words, merged.



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Re: How does Merge Duplicate Nodes work?
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2019, 04:12:12 pm »


such situation usually can happen when NetXMS server cannot get interface list from node. How interface tab for such node looks like? Does those devices support interface MIB and IP MIB?

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