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Author Topic: Ability to manually define, which sources to stack in a graph  (Read 145 times)


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Dear NetXMS team,

here is another thing that came to my mind when creating line charts in NetXMS:

Currently, NetXMS provides the ability to create "stacked" line chart diagrams, however, it only allows to stack all or none of the data from the source DCIs.

I think it would be useful to manually choose, which data to stack on top of each other and to have a more user friendly way of defining the stacking order (right now it is defined by the order the DCI sources).

Imagine the following: We have the four metrics TCP upstream, UDP upstream, HTTP upstream and overall upstream (downstream equivalent). To combine all four within one diagram, it should be possible to only stack UDP on top of TCP, as HTTP is a subset of the TCP traffic and the overall upstream is the superset of all three (which would only be added as a reference line).

What do you think about this idea?

Thanks and kind regards,
fbu  :)