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This may already be a feature, but I haven't found it.

It would be really cool to be able to set a default filter on the Alarms tab to only show outstanding alarms. This way you can resolve alarms instead of terminating them, keeping the comments and counts intact.

For instance, I had a server that had hit a RAM threshold. My sysadmin looked into it and made a comment on the alarm. We ended up fixing it and the alarm terminated itself. Now I can't see any of his comments on the alarm. If we had the EPP to just resolve the alarm, it would have stayed in the Alarm view and it could get jumbled very quickly.

Like I said, may already be there, but I think it would be pretty beneficial if it isn't.

Victor Kirhenshtein:
We have outstanding feature request for that: https://track.radensolutions.com/issue/NX-1493. Plan to implement it soon.

Best regards,


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