Author Topic: Include a default Windows and Linux SNMP template by default  (Read 516 times)


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Although there was a Linux template previously included - it is not now.

As a site that is SNMP based, I have had to start from scratch was lucky to have been provided with the old Linux template which has helped greatly. A windows one would also help.

Even though agents provide more details, SNMP is very quick and easy - especially if you already use SNMP via an alternate product.

With the Linux template and my 1st cut Windows template - plus some containers based on some criteria -  I was able to add over 500 devices tonight without touching any of them.

I disable discovery and simply set add node via trap to yes - switched a CNAME over to my netxms - and let the existing product poll my devices - which then sent SNMP auth fail traps - which now go to netxms - which then auto added them and auto assigned the templates.

It is likely that I will look into netxms agents, but as it stands - I can get 99% of my existing SNMP based monitoring transitioned by using two SNMP templates.

Considering the front page of the netxms screen says that netxms includes the "basics" of CPU / disk / Memory - I genuinely was surprised these two templates did not exist.

I suggest that each template include the capability for custom override such as specific file systems / mounts being excluded and having different thresholds.

The benefit to any prospective person that has windows devices is that they can add / modify the snmp settings on their devices via group policy and once that is pushed out - however discovery happens - the SNMP template will work immediately without having to install the agents.