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Password Custom Attribute
« on: August 12, 2020, 01:21:11 am »
Although i am trying to get away from this - with Radius - I have some nodes that I require to use tools that call a standardised user/password.

It have - for my initial Build - added these to custom attributes.

Although everone in my organisation knows these passwords - it would be nice if we also had an option to use obsucred "Password" style fields, just in case someone gains some kind of access they shouldn't

I know about the SSH Fields that have this - but have been informed that these fields are not call-able from external tools (no macro to call the password field)
In saying that - the bulk of this is that I prefer external Putty (and I know about the internal ssh tool) - but there will be a number of useful aspects to this for us moving forward with additional toos as they come to use.

Any questions/Comments - let us know.