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Author Topic: how to create a threshold based on elapsed time and compare with previous values  (Read 222 times)

Luis Montaño

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Hi everyone.
1) Is there a way to create thresholds if a event keeps for last n minutes.
For example, alert if a node is down for more than 5 minutes or alert if bandwith is above xxx for more than 10 minutes?

2) I need to check for network interfaces error and create an alert if error on some interface increase, I suppose that I have tu use the option "diff with previous value" do you have any example?

Victor Kirhenshtein

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1) You can use actions with timers. For example, execute action on node down event with timer set to 5 minutes, and cancel this timer on "node up" event. If node will recover within 5 minute interval, timer will be cancelled and action never executed.

2) Yes, diff will be correct method in this case.

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