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Author Topic: Server.AverageDCPollerQueueSize not supported  (Read 51 times)


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Server.AverageDCPollerQueueSize not supported
« on: May 17, 2019, 10:53:51 pm »

After updating to 2.2.14, the server node's DCC display now has the internal parameter Server.AverageDCPollerQueueSize showing as unsupported. That entry under the template DCC shows as enabled, but when looking at the server node DCC, it shows as unsupported.

This is a very small home environment, so there's only a single unclustered server node.

This parameter has always worked without any problems. No other parameters seem to be affected. No changes have been made either to this parameter or to this node. No other node is so affected. Any ideas?



After rebooting the server today, I got the following additional alarms:

[Minor]   NetXMSServer   Status of DCI 86 (Internal: Server.ThreadPool.Usage(SCHEDULER)) changed to UNSUPPORTED
[Minor]   NetXMSServer   Status of DCI 95 (Internal: Server.ThreadPool.LoadAverage(SCHEDULER,1)) changed to UNSUPPORTED
[Minor]   NetXMSServer   Status of DCI 96 (Internal: Server.ThreadPool.CurrSize(SCHEDULER)) changed to UNSUPPORTED
[Minor]   NetXMSServer   Status of DCI 97 (Internal: Server.ThreadPool.Load(SCHEDULER)) changed to UNSUPPORTED

I'm also unable to see the server node's agent config file through the workbench. I get a communications failure.

None of these issues were showing before I did a bare metal restore, updated PostgreSQL, then updated to NetXMS 2.2.14.
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