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Announcements / NetXMS 2.2.13 released
« on: March 12, 2019, 10:41:57 am »
Hi all!

NetXMS version 2.2.13 is out! Changes since previous release:

- TimescaleDB supported as backend database
- Added option to show SELECT output in nxdbmgr batch
- New attribute "parameterNames" in NXSL class "Event"
- New attribute "instanceData" in NXSL class "DCI"
- Added option to play alarm notifiacation sound only for active dashboard
- Required object access is "read" for all forced polls except full configuration poll which requires "modify" access
- Improved server startup and shutdown time
- Added option to save network map as image file
- New nxmc command line options -take-map-snapshot and -exit-after-open
- Fixed issues:
        NX-241 ("nxdbmgr batch" should support stdin)
        NX-887 (Additional variables in threshold script)
        NX-1388 (Event correlation route should start at proxy)
        NX-1536 (No output from forced status poll without "modify" object access right)
        NX-1552 (NXSL function to check for EPP timer existence)
        NX-1558 (Add ability to change node's comment from script)
        NX-1561 (Unexpected SYS_SNMP_DOWN events after SNMP proxy node restart)
        NX-1567 (EPP selection gets stuck)
        NX-1569 (Agent crash on 32 bit Windows 10)
        NX-1571 (Option to automatically terminate resolved alarms after timeout)

Best regards,

Announcements / NetXMS 2.2.12 released
« on: January 17, 2019, 02:44:16 pm »
Hi all!

NetXMS version 2.2.12 is released. Changes since previous release:

- Added support for active network discovery in remote zones
- Database manager options to skip various logs during database export also works for database migration
- Fixed server database access issues on Windows
- Fixed issues:
        NX-1206 (Full screen mode with only dashboard elements)
        NX-1541 (Cannot open dashboard by name using command line option)
        NX-1542 (Ampersand characters in template path not escaped in exported configuration XML file)

Best regards,

Announcements / NetXMS 2.2.11 released
« on: December 31, 2018, 12:26:19 am »
Hi all!

NetXMS version 2.2.11 is out. Changes since previous release:

- New parameter Process.VMRegions in Linux sub-agent
- nxshell reads password from terminal if not given on command line
- Housekeeper validates configuration for template DCIs
- Fixed issues:
        NX-1499 (Show last N values instead of line chart for string DCIs in alarm details view)
        NX-1512 (File Manager: Unable to create new directory in root directory on Windows)
        NX-1513 (Server installation fails with MySQL 8.0)
        NX-1518 (Variable $object is not set for scheduled scripts associated with object other than node)
        NX-1519 ("Import dashboard" action not available in dashboard group context menu)
        NX-1520 (Object Details - Overview tab in desktop client is unusable when using dark gtk3 theme)
        NX-1521 (Agent crash if file manager cannot resolve user or group name)
        NX-1522 (Log parser can read file incorrectly during high write activity)
        NX-1530 (Linux agent do not detect Hyper-V host)
        NX-1531 (Scripts are not executed during macro expansion in "download file" type object tools)
        NX-1532 (Agent external table does not handle UTF-8 text correctly)
        NX-1535 (Auto bind to container is not working if node already is an indirect child of this container)

Best regards,

Announcements / Elmia Subcontractor 2018
« on: November 13, 2018, 04:04:41 pm »
We are participating in Elmia Subcontractor 2018 exhibition in Jönköping, Sweden, until 16th of November.
You can find us at stand D02:18. Please join us there to check out our products, ask any questions regarding IT or industrial monitoring, or just for a random chat.

Announcements / NetXMS 2.2.10 released
« on: October 26, 2018, 12:26:57 pm »
Hi all!

NetXMS version 2.2.10 is released. Changes since previous release:

- Improved server startup time
- Added server startup event SYS_SERVER_STARTED
- New method readInternalParameter in NXSL classes Node, Cluster, MobileDevice
- Improved cached agent data reconciliation
- Fixed DCI instance discovery issues
- Fixed issues:
        NX-1477 (Offline data collection does not cleanup old data if there are no connection with the server)
        NX-1514 (Predefined graph tree displayed incorrectly)

Best regards,

Announcements / Gitex Technology Week 2018
« on: October 05, 2018, 04:46:03 pm »
We are participating in Gitex Technology Week 2018 exhibition, which will take place in Dubai, from 14th until 18th of October.
You can find us at stand G1-25. Please join us there to check out our products, ask any questions regarding IT or payment infrastructure monitoring, or just for a random chat.

Announcements / NetXMS 2.2.9 released
« on: September 27, 2018, 04:56:46 pm »
Hi all!

NetXMS 2.2.9 is out. Changes since previous release:

- New NXSL functions: Base64Decode, Base64Encode, EventCodeFromName, EventNameFromCode
- Original event name passed to alarm timeout event as 5th parameter
- Added information tooltips in switch port view
- Improved performance of active network discovery
- Minimum, maximum, and moving average for ICMP response time in ping subagent
- Fixed issues:
        NX-1463 (Web UI does not work under Tomcat 9)
        NX-1475 (Deselected "Create helpdesk ticket on alarm creation" is not being saved in EPP)
        NX-1486 (NXSL function CreateDCI should allow creation with default retention and poll intervals)
        NX-1489 (Unreliable MariaDB Connector/C version detection in workaround for MariaDB bug CONC-281)
        NX-1494 (Release 2.2.8 failed to compile on macOS)
        NX-1496 (Add agent parameters System.Memory.Physical.Available and System.Memory.Physical.AvailablePerc on FreeBSD)
        NX-1501 (In test mode $dci variable is not set)
        NX-1502 (Configuration poll resets SNMP version on node)
        NX-1503 (Access denied error on attempt to take screenshot even if user has take screenshot access right)
        NX-1504 (Server crash after compiling library script with syntax error)
        NX-1505 (Assignment in NXSL "global" statement ignored if variable already declared as global)
        NX-1510 (Agent list Net.InterfaceNames not supported on FreeBSD)

Best regards,

Announcements / NetXMS 2.2.7 released
« on: July 18, 2018, 07:17:49 pm »
Hi all!

NetXMS version 2.2.7 is out. Changes since previous release:

- "Convert to hexadecimal string" option for SNMP table columns
- Improved configuration wizard in Windows server installer
- New command line option /CONFIGENTRY in Windows agent installer
- New dashboard element "Object Details" (based on object queries)
- TCP proxy functionality
- Improved "Alarm Details" view in management console
- Added support for agent actions defined in external subagents
- TCP listener can be disabled in agent configuration file
- Push connector can be disabled in agent configuration file
- Virtual nodes detection via agent
- Basic BIOS and hardware platform information provided by Windows agent
- Fixed issues:
        NX-993 (Windows installer should honor current state of services during upgrade)
        NX-1438 (Increase debug level for thread pool messages)
        NX-1453 (Windows installer option to disable database upgrade)
        NX-1455 (Zone UIN in NXSL function CreateNode)
        NX-1456 (DCI values aggregated on cluster may be incorrect on first few polls after server startup)
        NX-1460 (Configure does not detect pthread_setname_np on macOS)
        NX-1464 (Agent connection via proxy is not working for IPv6 destinations)
        NX-1466 (Line length in agent's external table script limited to 255 characters)
        NX-1467 (Agent cannot process requests for parameters longer than 255 characters)

Best regards,

Announcements / NetXMS 2.2.6 released
« on: May 24, 2018, 11:56:17 am »
Hi all!

NetXMS version 2.2.6 is released. It is patch release for 2.2.5 that fixes few important issues. It also adds NXSL based queries in object finder and allows fine tuning of filter behavior in object browser (issue NX-1395).

Best regards,

Announcements / Upgrade to version 2.2.5
« on: May 18, 2018, 04:30:45 pm »
We plan to release version 2.2.6 in next few days to address some important issues discovered in version 2.2.5. We encourage those who didn't upgrade to 2.2.5 yet to wait for 2.2.6 release and upgrade directly to 2.2.6.

Best regards,

Announcements / NetXMS 2.2.5 released
« on: May 13, 2018, 06:11:39 pm »
UPDATE: this version change event log, alarms, syslog, and SNMP trap log tables, and will take significant amount of time to complete on large installations (>100mil records). We are working on the solution. In the meantime either postpone upgrade, or plan some downtime (up to couple of hours).

Hi all!

NetXMS version 2.2.5 is out. Changes since previous release:

- Agent tunnel falls back to unbound mode in case of agent certificate validation failure
- Zone information added to alarm log, event log, SNMP trap log, and syslog
- Agent returns correct free memory value on Windows
- Parameter System.Memory.Physical.Cached supported on Windows
- Fixed issues:
        NX-333 (Add windows service descriptions for both server and agent)
        NX-622 (Alerts will not be generated in certain conditions: events, that persist after maintenence and node down after unreachable)
        NX-640 (File manager should show file owner and permissions)
        NX-716 (Server configurator on Windows should be marked as require-administrator)
        NX-922 (Service check template objects disappears after server restart)
        NX-1097 (Configuration option to ignore alarm's helpdesk state when doing resolve or terminate)
        NX-1157 (configure --with-dist fails if OpenSSL is not installed)
        NX-1397 (Implement Windows Update information parameters for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016)
        NX-1415 (Windows 10 upgrades break agent tunnels)
        NX-1417 (File.Size parameter not working for Windows pagefile.sys)
        NX-1418 (Sort scripts in Execute Server Script dropdown)
        NX-1419 (AgentTunnels.ProcessUnbound scheduled task should be hidden)
        NX-1420 (Do not use unmanaged devices with SNMP for MAC resolving)
        NX-1421 (Configuration poll for node without SNMP and agent always read ARP cache from all SNMP devices in subnet)
        NX-1427 (Max manual Y values for graphs limited to 2147483647)
        NX-1431 ("Don't Fragment" option for ping sub-agent)
        NX-1433 (LDAP timeout blocks internal user database)
        NX-1434 (Return from function from within foreach loop in NXSL can cause unexpected runtime error)
        NX-1436 (Write hostname to agent log on startup)
        NX-1442 (Generic device driver cannot read interface list if device does not support ifNumber MIB object)
        NX-1446 ( Only one agent policy editor can be opened, if another policy is opened for editing, previous is closed without saving)

Best regards,

Announcements / NetXMS 2.2.4 released
« on: February 28, 2018, 06:03:46 pm »
Hi all,

NetXMS version 2.2.4 is released. It's mostly patch release with some improvements. Full change log is following:

- Portech SMS gateway works correctly with newer gateway versions
- Fixed issues:
        NX-1208 (Added filter to alarm list)
        NX-1295 (MIB Walk from DCI missing Column)
        NX-1332 (Execution timeout for external parameter provider)
        NX-1337 (Map link color based on object status)
        NX-1346 (Unable to select template group on config export)
        NX-1400 (NetworkMap link can be locked when using bendpoints)
        NX-1403 (Setting floor plan view from right-click menu does not work)
        NX-1404 (No source node in events generated by syslog parser)
        NX-1405 (Agent may crash when parsing Windows event log message)
        NX-1408 (Object filtering by zone in object browser and object search form)
        NX-1411 (Server configuration option "UseInterfaceAliases" not working)
        NX-1413 (Agent may crash when processing external parameters provider's output)

Best regards,

Announcements / NetXMS 2.2.3 released
« on: February 05, 2018, 09:05:06 pm »
Hi all!

NetXMS version 2.2.3 is out! Changes since previous release:

- Additional information about captured Windows Event Log event passed to the server
- Improved server startup time
- Automatic termination of related alarms when DCI is deleted
- Added attribute "isSTP" to NXSL class "Node"
- File I/O functions in NXSL (disabled by default)
- Sub-second interval between packets can be configured in PING subagent (down to 10 milliseconds)
- Fixed issues:
        NX-1149 (Pass EventRecordID with matched Windows event log record)
        NX-1258 (Option to pass event data from Windows event log to NetXMS event)
        NX-1259 (Added NXSL function - FindAlarmByKeyRegex)
        NX-1363 (Automatic deployment of agent policies)
        NX-1364 (Automatically create nodes for unbound agent tunnels)
        NX-1367 (Fix HP aCC compiler warnings)
        NX-1383 (Minimal interval before generating data collection script error events)
        NX-1389 (If library script saved with compilation errors it disappears from script list)
        NX-1392 (Reload log parser without agent restart)
        NX-1393 (PostgreSQL deadlock on updating raw_dci_data table)
        NX-1398 (Windows Server 2016 not detected correctly)
        NX-1399 (Some SQL queries fail when using MariaDB driver because of MariaDB bug CONC-281)

Best regards,

Announcements / NetXMS 2.2.2 released
« on: January 09, 2018, 12:37:48 pm »
Hi all,

NetXMS version 2.2.2 is released. Changes since previous release:

- Server command line tools working with agents (nxaction, nxap, nxget, nxupload) use encryption by default
- "Floor plan" display mode for objects on network map
- Access to zone data in network discovery filters
- Automatic target configuration in PING subagent
- Implemented option to display object status map in radial form ("sunburst diagram")
- Fixed issues:
        NX-513 (add toString() to all data objects in netxms-base)
        NX-599 (Delete single collected value from a DCI)
        NX-669 (DRBD monitoring is not working in some configurations)
        NX-689 (Pass found SNMP configuration while discovery for new node creation)
        NX-890 (Passive elements in rack)
        NX-1169 (Encryption is not set by default between agent and server)
        NX-1297 (Copying Files inside File Manager using CTRL and Drag&Drop is not working)
        NX-1299 (Add username filter to CountEx(*) and Process.XXX(*) parameters in Linux subagent)
        NX-1306 (Show system FQDN in tunnel manager)
        NX-1350 (Invert Values option for performance tab DCIs; Performance tab graph configuration is maintained on double-click)
        NX-1366 (Edit option for "group box" decorations on network maps)
        NX-1369 (Title not displayed for dashboard element "Rack")
        NX-1370 (Rack page not displayed correctly when switch between rack objects)
        NX-1372 (PING subagent is not working)
        NX-1374 (Element DashboardGroup not displayed in Dashboard perspective)
        NX-1373 (Error message "Error loading RSA keys from ..." in all server-to-agent command line tools)
        NX-1375 (Add functionality to switch off multipliers for graphs)
        NX-1376 (Windows agent reports incorrect OS version on Windows 10)
        NX-1379 (Rack width calculated incorrectly if only front/back selected)
        NX-1380 (Database error when node has LLDP ID longer than 63 characters)
        NX-1381 (Unjustified NXSL errors "cannot do automatic type cast")
        NX-1384 (Automatic ping target configuration on first data request)
        NX-1385 (Configurable status colors in UI)
        NX-1387 (Performance tab graph sorting in not working with groups)

Best regards,

Announcements / NetXMS 2.2.1 released
« on: December 07, 2017, 05:26:38 pm »
Hi all!

NetXMS version 2.2.1 is officially released. Changes since previous release:

- Implemented separate access rights for each DCI object
- Option to read log files using VSS snapshots on Windows
- Per stage confirmation in database manager during database check
- Fixed file download cancelation
- HTTPS support in SMSEagle driver
- New network map element - text box
- New debug log format with tags
- Ability to set debug level per tag or tag mask
- Improved audit logging on object creation
- NXSL function "GeoLocation" replaced with "GeoLocation" class constructor
- Optimized object updates in database (to reduce load on database in large installations)
- Thread pool used for data collection instead of fixed number of poller threads
- Optimized data collection from agents
- Configurable number of records per transaction for writing DCI data
- Fixed issues:
   NX-662 (New network map element - text box)
   NX-703 (Export/Import actions)
   NX-757 (Instance discovery - grace period for removed instances before deleting DCIs)
   NX-801 (Deleted nodes not removed from trusted nodes lists of other objects)
   NX-1045 (Add rack/chassis diagram as dashboard element)
   NX-1142 (Back view for racks)
   NX-1201 (Discovered node links on map should automatically be set to color based on the status of the interfaces shown in co
nnector names)
   NX-1252 (Fix automatically generated transformation scripts for 64 bit interface counters)
   NX-1268 (Do DNS resolve for node names via zone proxy)
   NX-1289 (Override PollCountForStatusChange at Node level)
   NX-1292 (Option for line charts to not always use 0 as base)
   NX-1336 (Cluster DCI Max/Min aggregation returns value from last node instead of expected max/min)
   NX-1339 (JIRA restricts subject field to 254 chars, helpdesk integration should trim alarm text or move reset of the message
 to issue description)
   NX-1341 (Scheduled tasks enabled/disabled indicator)
   NX-1342 (Increase text length limit in SMS sender)
   NX-1343 (Server crash on re-enabling temporary disabled user)
   NX-1344 (Search Bar for Agent Tunnel Manager)
   NX-1345 (Add rule number to EPP export)
   NX-1347 (New agent parameter File.LineCount)
   NX-1348 (Continuous warnings in server log: seed object 0 cannot be found)
   NX-1357 (Line chart is now opened on double clicking a Performance Chart)
   NX-1359 (Last location in World Map is now saved)
   NX-1361 (Data type of transformation script's input value can be incorrect)

Best regards,

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