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General Support / Overlapping non routed subnets
« on: November 14, 2019, 11:45:36 pm »
We use a standard configuration on each of our routers across our network. this configuration has the same natted subnets behind them. NetXMS seems to interpret this as these devices being connected on this subnet. Is there a way to ignore this Nat'd subnet.

similarly, i have some Nat'd subnets that are of the same network but with different sizes.

Sorry if this is a repeat question, i have attempted to search for a response but cannot find one that seems to apply.


i recently installed a new server on Debian

I installed from the Apt-get Repositories. it installed 2.0-M3. as best i can tell it seems to be installed and running correctly. I seem to be unable to find a MC that will connect to it successfully. i seem to get the error "Server uses incompatible version of communication protocol". i get this error when using the War file installed locally on tomcat. i get this error when i use the standalone webui. i have made sure that i downloaded the devel version of the ui.

am i missing something. are there some log files to help track down what i am missing.


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