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General Support / WMI Queries
« on: June 12, 2008, 10:28:35 am »
I am impressed with Netxms, especially the fact the data is stored in SQL which allows for a simple to use data collector.

A few days have been spent on getting SNMP queries to a MS-SQL 2005 system working when I found a webpage showing that Microsoft no longer support SNMP queries to SQL 2005 .... so that leaves WMI to perform the checks.

I see that Netxms has a "Generic WMI Query" option within the agent, but I do not see any information on how to use this feature.

Has anyone done WMI queries on SQL and/or other Windows performance settings? If so how is this done.

General Support / Re: Adding Mibs
« on: June 03, 2008, 04:51:57 am »
Many thanks for your assistance

Below are separate compiles of two mibs - both Microsoft - perfmib and mssql. The error line is also included. Does the netxms mib compiler need mibs in a different format? I am looking to monitor MSSQL, Apache Tomcat and IIS servers as well as Juniper Netscreens and HP equipment?

.\perfmib.txt: ERROR 003: Parser error - syntax error, unexpected LEFT_PAREN_SYM
, expecting OBJECT_TYPE_SYM in line 4354

Line 4354 is

 ms-dhcp-MillisecondsPerPacket(Avg) OBJECT-TYPE
        ACCESS read-only
        STATUS mandatory
            "The average time per packet taken by the DHCP server to send a response."
        ::= { dHCP-Server 4 }

.\mssql.txt: ERROR 003: Parser error - syntax error, unexpected OCTET_SYM, expec

Line 353 is the 2nd last line below

mssqlSrvConfigParamEntry OBJECT-TYPE
      SYNTAX MssqlSrvConfigParamEntry
      ACCESS not-accessible
      STATUS mandatory
           "mssqlSrvConfigParamTable entries.  The SQL Server configuration
          parameter name is used as the index value."                     
      ::= { mssqlSrvConfigParamTable 1 }

General Support / Adding Mibs
« on: May 29, 2008, 07:51:52 am »
I have spent some time searching the forum and other places for this answer .... but ...

Adding MIBS .... I have tried to add the MS-SQL mib and others only to have them fail with various paser errors. Can someone please either point me in the direction of where to locate mibs that work with NETXMS or explain why these errors occur.

I like NETXMS as it allows you to poll devices and store the results in SQL where a purpose built web page can be created from the results but this requires additional mib information.

Any help on how to compile mibs and the location of mibs that work with Netxms would be very helpful

many thanks in advance  ;D

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