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I most often monitor Ubuntu Linux installations and tend to keep my: nxagentd.conf configuration file, scripts etc. under the path: /etc/netxms. By default the init-file for the netxms-agent looks for the configuration file under: /etc/nxagentd.conf.

I'd like to have a default property file under: /etc/default/netxms-agent (or /etc/default/nxagentd) where I can override startup options without having to modify the original init-file (/etc/init.d/nxagentd), specially as it gets overwritten every time there is a new release of the agent.

Thanks for a fantastic product!


Feature Requests / nxpush should be included in the netxms-agent deb
« on: August 16, 2013, 10:48:03 am »

I'd like to suggest that the nxpush command gets included in the netxms-agent deb-package, or made available in a optional netxms-util deb-package.

Currently the nxpush command doesn't seem to be included in neither netxms-agent, netxms-base or the netxms-server debs.



General Support / Ignore interface polling
« on: March 04, 2013, 09:11:17 pm »

I have a Linux machine with *allot* of logical interfaces, it's probably > 1000. As you can imagen it often freezes the NetXMS Console UI and creates scenarios where the NetXMS Console crashes when trying to browse the node.

Is it possible to somehow limit the amount of polled interfaces?

Thanks in advance


General Support / Monitor qemu-kvm processes
« on: January 04, 2013, 03:25:08 pm »

I'm facing a problem where I need to monitor the availability of a number of qemu-kvm processes (virtual machines) in Linux.

Normally you can gather statistics by for example defining: Process.CPUTime(qemu-kvm) but what if I have a number of qemu-kvm processes that I'd like to monitor individually? The only way to tell the processes a part is by --name XXXX attribute, which states the virtual machines name and/or id.

I guess the ideal scenario would be to setup the monitoring and DCI collection on a cluster-object and associate all the qemu-kvm hosts underneath it, then the monitoring and the stats would keep collecting even if a virtual machine is migrate to a different host. But my problem is that I can't filter running processes by attributes, or at least, I haven't found out how...

Hopefully someone can give me a hint in which way to go, thanks!


General Support / Stuck red-dot status icon on the "Entire Network"
« on: December 14, 2012, 10:16:09 am »

I seems to have got a "stuck" red-dot on a subnet below the "Entire Network", but when I expand the sub-net, I can't find any DCI-node that "owns" the error. I believe that the red-dot is a remnant from a deleted node.

How would I go about to remove the red-dot?



General Support / How to do timedrift detection on agents
« on: December 14, 2012, 10:01:06 am »

I have been trying to setup a time-drift template, that monitors my agents local system time and compares it to the time of the monitoring server, basically I'd like to find servers that drifts in time despite of a NTP daemon (all servers are in the same time zone).

But I can't seem to get it to work as I only seem to be able to get the agents local time.

Any suggestions on how this could be solved?




I've just recently added a second SMS-destination (action) in the "Event Processing Policy" for a temperature sensor that I'm polling via SNMP. If the policy only has one SMS destination (action), the SMS alarms seems to be triggered fine, but when a second target is added, the NetXMS Server crashes (seg. faults).

I get the following output from gdb:
Code: [Select]
#0  0x00007ffff4e91101 in ?? () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
#1  0x00007ffff4e90d66 in strdup () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
#2  0x00007ffff7bc5166 in Serial::Open (this=0x7fffefce04a0, pszPort=0x0) at serial.cpp:84
#3  0x00007ffff7bc51de in Serial::Restart (this=0x7fffefce04a0) at serial.cpp:313
#4  0x00007ffff7bc5263 in Serial::Write (this=0x7fffefce04a0, pBuff=0x7fffefadfc23 "AT+CMGF=0\r\n", nSize=11) at serial.cpp:473
#5  0x00007fffefadef6a in SMSDriverSendPDU (pszPhoneNumber=0xXXXXXXXXXXXXX "4670XXXXXXX", pszText=<optimized out>) at main.cpp:257
#6  0x00007fffefadf48d in SMSDriverSend (pszPhoneNumber=0xXXXXXXXXXXXXX "4670XXXXXXX",
    pszText=0x7fffc0025940 "Host: XXXXXXXXX (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX)\r\nObject: Temperature sensor: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\r\nEvent: Critical (100043)\r\nValue: 21.100000\r\nTimestamp: 11-Dec-2012 14:14:07") at main.cpp:187
#7  0x00007ffff6ce9482 in SenderThread (pArg=<optimized out>) at sms.cpp:64
#8  0x00007ffff59e0e9a in start_thread () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
#9  0x00007ffff4efbcbd in clone () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

Let me know if I can assist with any further information.

// Anders

General Support / ServiceCheck.HTTP offending port value in the Host header
« on: November 24, 2012, 10:52:33 am »

I've been struggling a bit with monitoring a particular Wordpress site, I kept getting a 301 redirect all the time from the site with ServiceCheck.HTTP, I finally figure it out after some TCPDumping of the traffic, the request from ServiceCheck.HTTP looks like this:

Code: [Select]
GET / HTTP/1.1
Connection: close
Accept: */*

The additional :80 in the Host header seems to be causing the problem, as soon as i modified the source code for the portcheck subagent in: netxms-1.2.4/src/agent/subagents/portCheck/http.cpp to exclude the port value, the Wordpress site stopped redirecting me and instead showed the HTML output of the site.

I'm not sure what the solution should be and this probably is a Wordpress specific issue, but I'd love to see an option to specify and have the possibility to override what HTTP headers are sent to the target.



Feature Requests / Action Groups
« on: November 20, 2012, 10:12:21 pm »

I'd like to see the possibility to select a group of people to send an server action to (such as an e-mail, SMS and/or trigger an NXSL script).

My problem is, if I for example need to add or remove a person from the list of people that receives an e-mail alarm, I would have to walk through all the policies in the "Event Processing Policies" and add or remove the affected person in each one. A easier way would be to define "action group" that could be added in the policy "server action".

I hope my request makes some sense.



General Support / SMS access denied
« on: November 07, 2012, 05:12:45 pm »

I'm trying to get our Huawei E367U modem to work with NetXMS to send SMS. I believe I've configured NetXMS correctly and the output from the NetXMS initial bootup seems to support that:

Code: [Select]
Nov  7 15:49:49 monjj01 netxmsd[31752]: Loading Generic SMS Driver (configuration: /dev/ttyUSB0,9600,8,n,1)
Nov  7 15:49:49 monjj01 netxmsd[31752]: SMS init: port={/dev/ttyUSB0}, speed=9600, data=8, parity=NONE, stop=1
Nov  7 15:49:49 monjj01 netxmsd[31752]: SMS: port opened
Nov  7 15:49:49 monjj01 netxmsd[31752]: SMS init: ATZ sent, got {#015#012^BOOT:45195587,0,0,0,99#015#012}
Nov  7 15:49:49 monjj01 netxmsd[31752]: SMS init: ATE0 sent, got {#015#012OK#015#012}
Nov  7 15:49:49 monjj01 netxmsd[31752]: SMS init: ATI3 sent, got {ATE0#015}
Nov  7 15:49:49 monjj01 netxmsd[31752]: GSM modem on /dev/ttyUSB0,9600,8,n,1 initialized successfully. Hardware ID: "ATE0".

NetXMS configuration:
Code: [Select]
SMSDriver = /usr/lib/
SMSDrvConfig = /dev/ttyUSB0,9600,8,n,1

(In order to rule out setting issues, I have tried using minicom with the following device settings: /dev/ttyUSB0 and 9600, 8n1 to manually send SMS and its been successfull).

But when I click on Tools -> Send SMS and enter the following data:
Phonenr: 4670XXXXXXX
Message: test test test

I get a error message stating that it: "cannot send a message to 4670XXXXXXX: access denied", please see the attached screenshot.
I've tried different combinations like +4670XXXXXXX or simply 070XXXXXXX, but everything gives me the same error message.
The user that I'm attempting to send SMS with is the default administrator user, created upon initial install of NetXMS and I've checked so that it has permissions to send SMS.

I'm clueless to what to try next, any help would be appreciated.



General Support / GetAvgDCIValue not working?
« on: August 22, 2012, 09:26:13 am »
Hi Victor,

I've tried to get an average value for the last 3600 seconds (1 hour) of my temperature sensor, but it doesn't seem like the GetAvgDCIValue is returning the value that I'm expecting. I've more or less copied the example from the wiki and made a few adjustments.

I've made a dummy DCI with the following transformation script that runs every 60 seconds:

Code: [Select]
sub main()
   startTime = time() - 3600;
   return GetAvgDCIValue(FindObject("TEMPNODE01"), 176, startTime, time());

The average value that GetAvgDCIValue is returning is between: 1 and 2, while the temperature DCI (integer) has values between 80 and 200 during that hour, which in my world also should return an average value in that range.

I appreciate any help you can give on this.

// Anders

General Support / Dashboard with DCIs from multiple nodes not working
« on: August 16, 2012, 04:22:13 pm »
Hi Victor,

(Sorry if this has already been reported, I've tried to search forum and the bug-tracker but haven't found anything that seems similar).

I'm not sure if this is the place where you'd like to have bug reports, but... I've recently tried to setup a Dashboard, with line-graphs of two DCIs, each DCI has a different source node and it does only seem to render the DCI from the last added node, instead of both.
If I add more DCIs from the same node (ex. the % value of toner level or similar), each value (from the same node) gets rendered as it is suppose to.

In my case, I have a printer environment, with two printers, I'd like to keep one graph with two lines for each printer, with the delta value of the amount of printed jobs on each printer. In my case, the dashboard only render one of the DCIs.

The NXMC version I verified this bug on is 1.2.2 and seems to behave the same way on Linux and in Windows.

Let me know if you need any more information.



General Support / Debug and test NXSL code?
« on: August 15, 2012, 03:37:54 pm »

I've found the need to write a transformation script for one of my DCIs, but it doesn't seem like the "Test..." button works to test my syntax (NXMC 1.2.2, tested in both Windows 7 with JRE7u5 Mac 10.8 with JRE6u33).
I have therefor resorted to write the code in a shell and then use the nxscript command to verify my syntax and if the code works. But it doesn't seem like some of the functions works, such as FindObject and GetAvgDCIValue.

Maybe I'm attempting something that isn't even suppose to work?



General Support / Query PowerShell via Agent
« on: August 02, 2012, 10:06:53 am »

I wonder if it would be possible to execute a PowerShell command via the agent and return the output result to NetXMS for monitoring? For example, I'd like to send the following PowerShell query to my Exchange 2010 server, in order to find out how many e-mails currently are waiting delivery in mail queue:

Code: [Select]
Get-Queue -Sort-Order:-MessageCount -Result:1 | fl -Property MessageCount
Maybe there is a better solution for what I'm attempting?



General Support / New table...
« on: May 03, 2012, 09:13:11 am »

I've just recently setup a lab environment to test the new NetXMS 1.2.0 and while playing around with the management console, in the DCI Configurator, I've noticed that besides creating a "New parameter..." (which seems to be the same thing as the old "New..." in version 1.0.12), there is also an option to create a "New table...".

But I can't figure out what the "New table..." alternative is and its purpose (I've tried searching the forums and the wiki for any information). While playing around with it, trying to add columns, I get a cryptic popup window with simply an "OK" and a "Cancel" button, without any other information...

Could anyone elaborate around what this is and how it works?



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