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General Support / NetXMS Agent for Debian/Ubuntu x64
« on: September 13, 2011, 09:23:59 am »

I just wonder when a x64 .deb (Debian/Ubuntu) version of the NetXMS agent will be available from the download page?



General Support / NetXMS server seg. faults on
« on: June 08, 2011, 10:26:48 am »

My NetXMSd (Server 1.0.11) seems to be crashing once or twice every day with the following message from SYSLOG (I don't know if the SQL queries are related, but they seem to happen just before the crash):

Code: [Select]
Jun  7 21:41:39 HOSTNAME netxmsd[19204]: SQL query failed (Query = "SELECT var_value FROM config WHERE var_name='CapabilityExpirationTime'"):
Jun  7 21:41:39 HOSTNAME netxmsd[19204]: SQL query failed (Query = "SELECT var_value FROM config WHERE var_name='SMTPRetryCount'"):
Jun  7 21:41:39 HOSTNAME netxmsd[19204]: SQL query failed (Query = "SELECT var_value FROM config WHERE var_name='SMTPServer'"):
Jun  7 21:41:40 HOSTNAME kernel: [3067348.518912] netxmsd[19351]: segfault at 0 ip 0011432c sp af3812a0 error 6 in[110000+e000]

Only thing that I can think of that is related, is that I recently added a MIB-file for the D-Link Enterprise Access Point DAP-2690 which can be found in this ZIP-file:

I'm thankful for any advice. I did however find an earlier post with instructions on how to create a crash dump, I will post a crash dump when the next incident occurs.


General Support / Detect if parent object has technical issues.
« on: March 22, 2011, 03:28:52 pm »

I'm trying to configure my object browser in the NetXMS Console by some sort of a hierarchy. I have tried to outline an example of what I'm creating down bellow with geographical location, network and then a container for the sort of service that the underlying hosts are providing and furthest out are the services.

If we for example lose the connection to our co-location (between Stockholm and London), we would get an alarm for each node. Is it possible to somehow identify if the "parent" object (in this case Stockholm) has connection "issues" before the host-down alarm is triggered by each node?

Or is there some other (smarter) way to do this?

Thanks for a great monitoring tool!

= Stockholm (CO-Location).
=== Webservers.
==== Node 1.
===== Service: Apache.
===== Service: SSH.
==== Node 2.
===== Service: Apache.
===== Service: SSH.
==== Node 3.
===== Service: Apache.
===== Service: SSH.
= London (HQ).
=== NetXMS server.

Feature Requests / Schedule a maintenance window on a node or a DCI
« on: March 16, 2011, 10:59:01 pm »

Something that I'm missing in NetXMS is the possibility to easily schedule a maintenance window for a node or a service (DCI). I'm sure that something with similar effect could be scripted with NXSL, but a cleaner and more user friendly option would be to somehow integrate this into the console GUI, with the option to set a start and end date / time.

Thanks for a good monitoring tool.

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