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Feature Requests / Password Custom Attribute
« Last post by gammy69er on Today at 01:21:11 am »
Although i am trying to get away from this - with Radius - I have some nodes that I require to use tools that call a standardised user/password.

It have - for my initial Build - added these to custom attributes.

Although everone in my organisation knows these passwords - it would be nice if we also had an option to use obsucred "Password" style fields, just in case someone gains some kind of access they shouldn't

I know about the SSH Fields that have this - but have been informed that these fields are not call-able from external tools (no macro to call the password field)
In saying that - the bulk of this is that I prefer external Putty (and I know about the internal ssh tool) - but there will be a number of useful aspects to this for us moving forward with additional toos as they come to use.

Any questions/Comments - let us know.
Feature Requests / Per Session Password access
« Last post by gammy69er on Today at 01:13:56 am »
Have had a look through the forums and surprisingly not found anything pertaining to this that i can see.

Am looking to use the password of the active user for tools.  Active user is radius auth.

I see there is currently no way to use a password unless manually entered (via input fields or in custom attributes). 
Custom attributes no good as changes on a pre user basis - and I see no per user attributes.  Also Plain text - not ideal
Input fields - Clunky - have to enter every time.

Is there any way that the Password entered at login could be saved to a callable field (like input feilds are) that can be called globally.
If not - can there be an option to activate an Input field for a global password at login (this would need to be resettable in the session also - as you may get it wrong, or would need to call radius again to auth - so as you know you have the right one)

Either way - I would presume that if required these fields could be encrypted until used - making them no less secure that input fields as it stands.

Any help appreciated - if more info required - let me know.

General Support / Re: Per User Tool Authentication
« Last post by gammy69er on Today at 01:01:35 am »
Hey Guys - Cheers for the Current Replies.


There is no such thing in netxms - we do no cache the password entered by user so we do not have it anywhere after user logs in. And it seems to be not good idea from security viewpoint to keep any passwords plaintext and enter them somewhere.

Filipp - TY for the Info.  The current issue faced is that with trying to automate the tools as it stands - the only way is Clear text Custom Attributes - which is obviously no good, or manual entry every time - which takes up 2-10 seconds every connect to type/find password.  This adds up over a day/week/month/year and am just looking to increase productivity and reporting with XMS.
The thought I had was that if the obscured field used to login was held in memory (an possibly encrypted) - then a call could be made to that whenever it was required

Is PowerShell an option in your environment?

Staj. Powershell is available I suppose - as to whether it's and option or not would come down to what Powershell would be used for.  If you have an Idea - I am all ears.  Would be happy to run external script if it means that overall (for everyone else not using in this way) XMS is a little more robust and secure.

In the meantime - I have a couple of Ideas for what XMS could do to lessen my issue - so might just put in a feature request and see where it gets to.

General Support / Re: DCI last values don't store history data
« Last post by xelander on August 11, 2020, 05:44:26 pm »
Oh! I'm really sorry, I completely missed this step  :-[ .
Thank you very, very much for your support and for your time.
P.S. I disabled the system user, thank you.

General Support / Re: DCI last values don't store history data
« Last post by Filipp Sudanov on August 11, 2020, 05:20:23 pm »
There was one thing we missed - after recompiling --with-mariadb --with-mariadb-compat-headers, database driver in netxmsd.conf should have been updated, but mysql.ddr was left there.
The correct configuration is:

DBDriver = mariadb.ddr

P.S. pls disable system user in netxms - it's currently enabled.

General Support / Re: DCI last values don't store history data
« Last post by xelander on August 11, 2020, 03:55:13 pm »
The SQL errors are related to two new groups I was creating (see screenshot), perhaps I made something wrong.
About the autobind script, I don't know, I'm new to NetXMS and I'm still exploring all its features.
I remember opening the script library, perhaps I unvoluntarily tampered with the scripts.

Общие вопросы / Re: Настройка уведомлений
« Last post by Filipp Sudanov on August 11, 2020, 03:53:34 pm »
Документация по NXSL сейчас постепенно переезжает сюда:

Я так понимаю, что емейл в этом случае должен быть полноценным html документом, вот например:

Ссылки указываются с <link href=...
Общие вопросы / Re: Настройка уведомлений
« Last post by TOLeg on August 11, 2020, 03:44:14 pm »
Функцию протестировал. Работает все отлично!!!
 :) :) :)
General Support / Re: DCI last values don't store history data
« Last post by Filipp Sudanov on August 11, 2020, 01:53:10 pm »
Sent you a PM.

Meanwhile - it's recommended to check netxms log for *E* and *W* messages - there is one SQL query error, which is not related to issue discussed here, we will have a look. And there's also a warning about autobind script.
Общие вопросы / Re: Настройка уведомлений
« Last post by Filipp Sudanov on August 11, 2020, 01:33:51 pm »
При отправке е-мейла из экшна сейчас html не поддерживается. Есть мысли переделать отправку е-мейлов объединив их с notification channels, тогда наверняка будет добавлена и возможность слать html.

Но, в 3.4.284 была добавлена NXSL функция
SendMail("", "My subject", "My text", false);
и вот она умеет слать письма в html, если последний параметр поставить в true.
Можно сделать script action и через него слать е-мейлы.
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