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General Support / Re: Agent upgrade fails
« Last post by Egert143 on Today at 12:25:44 pm »
File is present and md5 hash is same.
General Support / Re: Agent upgrade fails
« Last post by Victor Kirhenshtein on Today at 11:47:15 am »
Can you check actual file presence there and compare MD5 hashes for original and transferred files?

Best regards,
Are you sure that findObjectByName didn't fail? Try to check return value for None before using it for getObjectId.

Best regards,
It's working great!
Thank a lot.

I have other problems when creating maps...
Code: [Select]
Seed = s.findObjectByName("NameOfMySeed")
SeedId = Seed.getObjectId()

NetworkMaps = s.findObjectByName("Network Maps")
NetworkMapsId = NetworkMaps.getObjectId()

SnmpLocationKO = s.findObjectByName("Snmp Location KO")
SnmpLocationKOId = SnmpLocationKO.getObjectId()

I have this error:
Code: [Select]
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/data/infra/scripts/NetXMS/", line 27, in <module>
    SnmpLocationKOId = SnmpLocationKO.getObjectId()
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getObjectId'

Can you help me again?

Thank you
General Support / Re: Agent upgrade fails
« Last post by Egert143 on Today at 08:43:45 am »
It seems that "nxagent-3.2.350-x64.exe" is uploaded to "var" but after that error "File transfer failed" is received.

Level 6 debug:
Code: [Select]
2020.02.28 08:23:55.327 *D* [comm.cs.2          ] Requesting parameter "System.PlatformName"
2020.02.28 08:23:55.327 *D* [comm.cs.2          ] Sending message CMD_REQUEST_COMPLETED (ID 3; size 56; uncompressed)
2020.02.28 08:23:55.329 *D* [comm.cs.2          ] Received message CMD_TRANSFER_FILE (4)
2020.02.28 08:23:55.329 *D* [comm.cs.2          ] CommSession::recvFile(): Preparing for receiving file "nxagent-3.2.350-x64.exe"
2020.02.28 08:23:55.329 *D* [comm.cs.2          ] CommSession::recvFile(): Writing to local file "C:\NetXMS\var\nxagent-3.2.350-x64.exe"
2020.02.28 08:23:55.332 *D* [comm.cs.2          ] Sending message CMD_REQUEST_COMPLETED (ID 4; size 32; uncompressed)
2020.02.28 08:23:55.339 *D* [comm.cs.2          ] Received raw message CMD_FILE_DATA
  [Repeats alot]
2020.02.28 08:23:55.341 *D* [comm.cs.2          ] Received raw message CMD_FILE_DATA
2020.02.28 08:24:01.203 *D* [comm.cs.2          ] Sending message CMD_REQUEST_COMPLETED (ID 4; size 32; uncompressed)
2020.02.28 08:24:01.203 *D* [comm.cs.2          ] Communication channel closed by peer
2020.02.28 08:24:01.204 *D* [comm.cs.2          ] Session with [NetXmsIP] closed
2020.02.28 08:24:01.204 *D* [comm.cs.2          ] Session unregistered
2020.02.28 08:24:01.204 *D* [comm.cs.2          ] Receiver thread stopped

i have lvl 9 debug also but thats litle big for posting :)

Сервер 3.1.361
Debian 9.12
Ставилась из пакетов (и обновлялась)
БД PostgreSQL 9.6
Latest proxmox 6.1 and up2date with apt.
Containers are Ubuntu 18.04.4 also up2date with apt.

Does not happen with all lxc in the cluster.
Had 2 out of 3 on same proxmox node having this when reporting.
It happens randomly, but it seems to hang after the containers have had a big load.
General Support / Re: DCI values in links, as human readable?
« Last post by mumme3 on February 27, 2020, 09:23:05 pm »
That worked like charm. Thanks!  :)
General Support / Timescale DB Question
« Last post by gmonk63 on February 27, 2020, 08:37:02 pm »
I noticed the in 3.2.350 that there is a tsdb.sql init file  but when building from source tsdb is not an optional driver to install.  What is the standard install for timescaledb.   I am assuming i would follow the docs to install postgres and the timescaledb plugin but for netxms would I then only need to init the tsdb.sql file or does both pgsql and tsdb neet to be initialized.


I just tried to build 3.1.241 on Ubuntu 18.04 with your configure options and build went fine. Make sure your source package is not broken, maybe try 3.2.350 instead. Also you can use generic Linux agent binaries - they should work on most modern distros.

Best regards,
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