Author Topic: Monitor Windows Service with Special characters -> DCI not working after restart  (Read 10345 times)


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Unfortunately some Windows Services from German vendors has special characters in their service name :-(
I know this is pretty ugly, but I can't force the vendors to change their naming conventions...
In the example above it uses the special character "Ü" in the service name.

The DCI is working until NetXMS has restarted, after restart NetXMS Core it changes the DCI to unsupported.
The output in the parameter of the DCI shows like that:
System.ServiceState("Service Vendor ÃÆâ€ÃÆ

Any suggestions?

Thank you


Victor Kirhenshtein

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That's very strange, because German characters should be supported even by latin1 (ISO 8859-1) encoding. On what platform you are running NetXMS server and what database you are using?

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