Author Topic: NetXMS 3.4 released  (Read 1316 times)

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NetXMS 3.4 released
« on: June 16, 2020, 11:12:17 pm »
Hi all!

NetXMS version 3.4 is released. Changes since previous release:

- Improved topology based event correlation
- New methods in NXSL class "Node": getInterfaceByIndex, getInterfaceByMACAddress, getInterfaceByName
- Method getInterface in NXSL class "Node" automatically detects if parameter is interface index, name, or MAC address
- Added built-in NXSL constant NXSL::SystemIsBigEndian
- Added NXSL hook for alarm state change (Hook::AlarmStateChange)
- Can pass arguments to NXSL script executed as EPP action
- Implemented agent metrics for available and cache memory on AIX
- New agent parameter WindowsFirewall.State on Windows
- Implemented disk latency parameters in Linux agent (System.IO.WaitTime, System.IO.ReadWaitTime, System.IO.WriteWaitTime)
- User agent tooltip message can be set via policy
- Fixed issues:
        NX-470 (Hooks or events for alarm state change)
        NX-763 (File Tail/Show should not access database directly)
        NX-811 (System.IO.WaitTime unsupported on Linux)
        NX-1043 (Windows installer cannot initialize Oracle database)
        NX-1078 (Event correlation not working)
        NX-1152 (Attempt to upload .npi pointing to non-existing installer lock up package manager on Windows)
        NX-1176 (Handle routing loops during event correlation)
        NX-1524 (Server configuration wizard is not visible on task bar)
        NX-1556 (Add HMAC to every record in audit log table)
        NX-1566 (NXSL Script Action to allow for parameters)
        NX-1739 (When a node goes down and it's upstream port on a switch goes down, do not correlate those events)
        NX-1753 (File downloads from agent and file upload to server should be logged to Audit Log)
        NX-1801 (Strange if condition)
        NX-1832 (Export configuration does not detect referenced NXSL scripts within NXSL scripts)
        NX-1837 (Store out of the box object tools as .xml files, not in database initialization script)
        NX-1846 (Server crash when querying Audit Log)
        NX-1848 (Add getGuid method to class in Java API)
        NX-1853 (User Agent Notifications view in management console has no means to hide old notifications)
        NX-1854 (When double-clicking a stacked graph in performance tab, it opens in a new view as non-stacked)
        NX-1856 (Text in tooltip for user support application should be configurable)
        NX-1860 (Parameters to get state of each Windows Firewall profile separately)
        NX-1861 (Unable to add USM Credentials when zoning is ON)
        NX-1862 (Lazy object synchronization breaks object-based link status display on maps)
        NX-1865 (Remote Node using TLS Tunnel Added incorrectly if same name is resolvable on local NetXMS network)
        NX-1866 (NXSL GetAvgDCIValue may not work with MySQL database)
        NX-1867 (NXSL GetMaxDCIValue may return incorrect value)

Best regards,


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Re: NetXMS 3.4 released
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2020, 11:14:45 pm »
Very nice  :D thanks


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Re: NetXMS 3.4 released
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2020, 09:38:57 am »
Thank you!  :)


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Re: NetXMS 3.4 released
« Reply #3 on: June 17, 2020, 10:51:10 am »
Great updates thanks.